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How to Pick the Right Valet Parking Company

Valet parking services add a sense of class and sophistication. Working with professional valets can help you in maintaining an organized and efficient parking system for your guests. In fact, this is the best way of enhancing the experience of your guests. This post is going to share the essential tips that can guide you in choosing the best valet company for your needs. They include:

Price Range


Clients are advised to get details quotes or proposal whenever they are looking for valet parking services. All the important details should be included in writing. Some of the crucial details that you should check include the parking times and the staffing model. Avoid working with firms that include unexplained mysterious fees. In general, you should discuss everything in advance to ensure that it is itemized and transparent. Even if you should avoid firms that charge very high prices, you should be wary of those firms that charge extremely low prices. Working with unskilled or poorly managed staff can be disastrous for you.


It is advisable to look for parking firms that have been in this industry for many years, check whether the company is experienced in managing parking operations similar to those of your location. In addition to this, potential companies should offer their clients free visits to ensure that are fully aware of the potential variables.

Ideally, the vendors should demonstrate their experience during this visit. Check whether they are capable of managing parking, traffic, and the overall organization of their client’s events. You should also ask them to explain their long-term parking operations.


Which technology is the potential firm using to manage its parking operations? Apart from the regular, paper-ticket approach, most of the reliable companies use sleek, streamlined applications. The use of smart technology solution helps eliminate issues that result from human error and ticket lost tickets. Well-managed and implemented valet technology is also helpful in improving the guest experience and reducing their wait times.


It is a bit challenging to deal with instances of liability and accidents when it comes to valet parking services. You should choose a firm that is fully insured. Does the company have a GKLL coverage on its policy? Most of the reputable firms are known for offering adequate liability coverage.…

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